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Craig Gruzd (DT Floral & Décor)
Founder and CEO
Best tools we've used for capturing Messenger customers. We get 100% response rate and close more events.
Peter Kvitlesky (Philmor Group)
Social is the future of selling. We close more customers, have a high response rate, and use Modern to convert and keep track of every lead.
Melissa Berkovich (Ink Agency)
Head of Marketing
This has been the most effective strategy we've used to sell. Our Shopify store immediately saw an increase in sales once we started using Modern.
What is a lead?
A lead is the # of people that have chatted & connected with you via Facebook Messenger during the month. Each lead is counted as a unique lead during the monthly period. You are able to send your leads messages, and let them interact with automated templates!
What does broadcast mean?
Broadcasts allow you to create and craft rich messages (cards, photos, links) and send your subscribers an automated sequence. It's a fantastic way to send promotions, surveys, content from your blog and much more.
Automation, what's that?
Automation is a fantastic way to set up "Conversational UI" based on what your customers writes or does, think of it as a self serve chat enviornment - where customers help themselves to solve their own support issues, find your location or even make a purchase or a reservation straight from messenger! You're also able to create "sequence messages" these are triggered after someone subscribed to you.
What happens when I approach my lead limit?
When you approach your monthly lead limit (at 90%), we will notify you via email as well as on site-notifications. Once you surpass your limit, we'll notify you again. To avoid disruption to your automated message sequences, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your plan to a higher plan once you receive the notifications - you can also set this up automatically.
Do I need a credit card to sign up?
You do not need a credit card to get started with Modern, we offer 15 monthly interaction with a possibility to increase it even further, once you are ready to take full advantage of what we offer - you can easily upgrade onto a new plan.
How do I upgrade or downgrade?
At Modern we are 100% transparent and we put you the customer in complete control. When ready, just go to pricing tab and upgrade or downgrade a plan - takes less than 2 minutes.
Do you send invoices/receipts?
Invoice are available in the billing area of the dashboard along side a full history of transactions.
What support do you offer?
We offer support via Facebook Messenger :) we really believe in its power to transform customer support by adding a personal touch, we also offer email and phone support.
More questions?
If you have more questions don't hestitate to contact us via our messenger widget and we'll make sure to respond to any inquries as soon as possible :)
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